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When you walk into our Butcher Shop in Downtown Laurel, MS the first thing you'll notice is that we have the best smelling butcher shop that you've ever been in! It's the truth and for years we had people tell us, "Oh, you should make a candle of this smell!" So, a few years back we met a wonderful local woman who helped us make the perfect scent and who hand pours these soy candles into our custom metal jars.


There are TWO options for our candles:

Butcher Shop - Which smells like our Beef Jerky, BBQ Ribs, and all those smokey delishious flavors circulating around our butcher shop. This candle is perfect to light in your kitchen! You'll convince anyone who enters that you've been cooking all day long.

Salted Caramel Fudge - This sticky sweet Caramel flavor was inspired by our house made FUDGE. While we don't ship Fudge YET you can enjoy one of our most popular flavors at home with this Knight Scent Candle.

Knight Scents Candle

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