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Fall Madness

What an amazing summer we have had at the shop! As the grilling season comes to an end I've finally got time to do a quick update. I hope to grow this blog into a place where you can find recipies and up to date information on eveyrthing happening but as of now it's basically going to be a catch up of what we have had happening so far. We are going on month FIVE of being open and our business has continued to grow and we have so many more ideas to share with you all. Over the last few months we have introduced new items weekly and grown our locals section by leaps and bounds. Our "stuffed" bugers are so popular we decided to find a local bread vendor and we now have hamburger buns for sale so you guys won't have to stop by another store on the way home! We've also added Salsa, Pepper Jelly, Toffee, Sodas, Chips, and BBQ sauce in recent weeks.

A few Mondays ago we launched our newest idea the Brown Bag Lunch special. We have had so many people ask us to offer lunch but as we are not set up to be a restuarnt nor do we want to be one so, we had to think about how to do this and how to do it right. We decided to offer a different main option every Monday from 11-2PM and the first one was our BBQ Smoked Chicken half with chips and soda for only $8.00. That first Monday we sold out of all 29 chickens within an hour and half! The next Monday we offered a house made Jumbo Hotdog, and this past Monday we had 1/3 Rack of BBQ Ribs. The reception has been amazing so far and if continued the possiblilty to add more lunch days is an option.

More exciting projects are in the works with our Knight Jerky offerings. We are aiming to be in some local gyms/stores soon and by the new year we will be looking at selling our products online. Things are moving quickly at the shop but we want to make sure and roll out one project at a time. The holidays are quickly approaching and we are so excited to celebrate with all of you. Up next... Thanksgiving! Check back here soon to find out more about what we are doing at the shop and as always, THANK YOU.

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