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This week we are hopeful to announce a few things: We HOPE to announce our location, we ARE launching this website, and we have NEW signage to show to you!

All the praise and thanks goes to our friend Bridget Prater for designing these with us. Like all good collaborations we came to her with a rough idea and then she masterfully turned it into one of a kind art. We are so excited for every single graphic she has made and the newest of the bunch we received in last week. I'm sure that you have seen this type of graphic before but to give you a little back story on them... Chad always found something wrong with the ones we saw in stores and online. I tried to buy him a painting of a pig one in Denver, CO last year and he looked at it and said, "NO, it's not even right!" I was a bit sad because I thought it was beautiful but we ended up buying something else and I put that memory in the back of my mind so that once we started working on our graphics we could have a custom one created to his liking. Below is the end product and I had to admit... they are way better!

Thank you so much Bridget - once again you have outdone yourself!

*To get these images as a free printable click here and here

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