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Stuff Everything!

We believe in excess over here. What's better than a pork chop? A STUFFED pork chop! What about a chicken breast? Yup, STUFF that too. Burgers? Let's get crazy and grind BACON and CHEESE into the meat. These are very important things that we BELIEVE in and it seems like a lot of you agree with us! Butcher Chad is continually rolling out new items and we've got even more coming for you now that our sausage stuffer has finally arrived! In the next few weeks we have some big things happening with the most exciting thing being our Grand Opening Event! We are nailing down times now but we will have a ribbon cutting on June 4th 2015 at the shop. I will post more information soon and until then here are some pictures to hold you over. (Or just make your mouth water)

Call us at the shop to request/reserve any of these specialty items! 601-651-2054

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